Joining WKAS

Membership is open to all archers shooting either longbow or flatbow shooting wooden shafts. Anyone wishing to join WKAS can simply submit a completed Membership Application form available via the Contact page.

The membership year runs from March to February, half year from September to February. The current fees are below. 

There are 2 classes of membership: 'Full' and 'Affiliate'. The membership fees are the same for both.

  • Full: these are members of the British Longbow Society (they may also be members of AGB).
  • Affiliate: these are members of AGB only. They must comply with the AGB Rules of Shooting and relevant guidance.

Membership cards are issued. Members will also receive regular Newsletters: these inform you of news, events and when the ground is unavailable for practice (e.g. due to ground maintenance). The Club's Facebook page is also useful for current information.

Membership level

Full year

Half year





£65 each

£35 each

Juniors (<18)*



Country membership**



* = Juniors under 16 (throughout the current membership year) that have an adult family member paying the adult fee can join for free.

** = Archers living further that 25 miles from the Club (proof required)

Visitor shooting

Non members may visit and practise for up to 3 times in any 12 months. They must be accompanied by a current WKAS member and have current membership of either AGB or BLBS. Before a visitor can shoot, he/she and the member must both sign the Visitor's book. The member is responsible for collecting the £5 'visitor' fee.

Data protection

Information relating to your  membership is held by the Hon. Secretary and Membership Secretary for the purposes of managing the Club. Your data will not be shared with any third party without your consent, unless required by law.

Page updated 6 July 2022